About ME (updated 11/18/08!)

Late October, Mid November 2008. Weight about 200

I consider these my “starting” pics. Weight about 219

05/19/08 - 214 lbs 05/19/08 - 214 lbs


2 responses to “About ME (updated 11/18/08!)

  1. Congratulations (I was just looking at the Change: -16.8 lbs on the right sidebar). Any downward change on the scales takes a lot of work! Bravo! 🙂

  2. yo! congrats on the weight loss!
    i can relate as i was a really skinny kid…always struggled to pick up weight. something that worked for me is i finally got over myself and my fear of going to gym..so walked in joined up and today i am walking around with this sweet body! all the muscles on me have been created and toned by myself so you can imagine how good i feel!
    bottom line girl…be the person who you want to be! nuff said!

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